In corpore sauna…

Corona update 1 nov 2021

  • No covid-safe-ticket or QR-code needed
  • Limited number of visitors at a time, based on a 3-hour stay. Reservation needed with registration upon entry (with mouth mask up to the vestiary).
  • No obligation to wear a mouth mask in the bathroom, but you must keep a distance of 1.5 m everywhere in the house, except in the saunas which are self-disinfecting due to the high temperature. In bubble bath and steam bath max 3 persons at a time.
  • No table service in the lounge, only take-away drinks at the bar.
  • Reservation:

A short history

On the edge of the Patershol, the culinary heart of Ghent, Jan Van den Dorpe discovered a former trading house from 1911, built in late Art Nouveau style by “textile baron” Juliaan Van Damme.

A building with a soul that, once revived, would become the atmospheric home of Sauna Aqua Azul.

Our story starts in 1985. Over the various years, more and more rooms were integrated into the overall bath design. On the gallery where it used to buzz with sewing machines, there are now luxurious relax chairs in front of the fireplace.

The former kitchen and staff quarters were converted into a bathroom. Many original elements have been preserved, such as the frieze in the vestibule, the parquet living room with its sculpted wall furniture, the colorful stained glass windows and art deco ornaments.

It became a warm, colorful bathhouse with positive vibrations. Today you are very welcome as a sauna guest.

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“Enter this bathhouse as a temple, in silence and serenity”.

Preserving something of the sacredness of the old bathing culture.
A warm serene place to relax in peace, with body and soul.
A port for passers-by for everyone to unfurl and open again.

That is the fragile promise of Sauna Aqua Azul.

Not an amusement park, but a house of the modest moment.



Bathing happens without swimsuit. The atmosphere is not that of a naturist center: you circulate in the house in your bathrobe or a towel around the body.
On tuesday from 13h till 17h, the sauna is open for women only.

For various reasons, sauna bathing is done without a bathing suit. Sweating in a bathing suit is particularly unpleasant, irritating instead of purifying the skin and unhygienic. However, this does not mean that the atmosphere in Sauna Aqua Azul can be compared to that of a nudist beach. You don’t have to be a nudist to take a sauna bath without a bathing suit. On the contrary: in Sauna Aqua Azul, the trepidation for the naked body remains. For example, one does not simply walk around naked, but moves around the house wearing a bathrobe or at least with a towel wrapped around it. You can also wrap yourself in a towel in the sauna itself. In addition, an expressly subdued atmosphere protects the sauna guest against the vulnerability of being naked. A voyeuristic or exhibitionistic attitude is not tolerated in Aqua Azul.


  • Cloakrooms (the cupboard key is kept in the salon)
  • Showers, cold water hose, shower bucket, shower gel and scrub salt are available
  • Warm foot bath
  • Finnish dry sauna (90°C)
  • Finnish humid sauna (80°C) (daily around 9 p.m. löyly ritual)
  • Bubble bath “Let the bubbles do the talking”
  • Steam bath with eucalyptus
  • Cold bath inside with jet stream for water massage
  • Cold plunge pool outside
  • Air bath (city garden with a view of the Blue Rain)
  • Quiet rest area (leather lounge chairs, fireplace, library)
  • Relaxing body massage 25min or 50min
  • Salon-bar (extensive drinks menu and “hunger stimulant”)

Sauna session

A sauna walk: what is it? And how do you get started?
During a sauna session, you complete a certain course in the bathing area, during which you warm up and cool down again, followed by a rest break. During your sauna visit you can do two to three sauna courses.

A sauna session in short: a warm shower with shower gel – a warm foot bath as pre-heating – the actual heating in the sauna – cooling down with a water hose – air bath – cold bath – warming up again in the foot bath – rest.

For a second and third sauna session, a steam bath can be taken as an alternative to warming up in the sauna. It is important to always alternate hot and cold. Taking a bubble bath immediately after the sauna, for example, is not recommended.

Between the sauna sessions you can enjoy a chat or some reading with a drink in the salon-bar, let yourself completely sink into the seats of the quiet relaxation room or surrender yourself to the healing hands of the masseur/masseuse.

Info & Reservation

Is it necessary to make a reservation?
Sauna Aqua Azul is primarily a public sauna, with an outspoken concern for modesty and serenity.

If you want to be absolutely sure of a vacancy for your bathing aspirations and massages, please make a reservation by email.

Make a reservation by phone 09/225 09 57 or click here to book online (Dutch only. English version coming soon)!


  • entrance (use of accommodation) – € 27.00
  • 10-event card (valid for two years) – €245.00
  • membership card (valid for 1 calendar year) – € 100.00
  • entrance for members (with membership card) – € 19.00
  • entrance young people -18y – € 19.00
  • entrance student -25y – € 22.00
  • relaxing body massage 50 min. – €65.00
  • relaxing body massage 25 min. – € 35.00
  • use of bathrobe – € 4.50
  • use towel medium – € 2,50
  • use towel large – € 4,50

Private rental
It is possible to rent the sauna privately for groups, but then prior to the opening hours for the public, eg from 9:30 am to 12:30 pm in the winter period.
Price private stay: € 450 (for groups of up to 10 people; from the eleventh person + € 19.00/person – with a maximum of 46 people).

Gift vouchers

Gift vouchers are available on


Address: Drongenhof 2 – 9000 Gent
Tel: 09/225 09 57
Reservations: click here to book online (Dutch only. English version coming soon)!

Opening hours

Summer (May – September): 17:00 – 23:00 (closed on Sunday and Monday)
Winter (October – April): 13.00 – 23.00 (closed on Monday)

On Tuesday (summer and winter):
13:00-17:00 : women only
17:00-23:00: mixed

Summer Holidays: closed from July 12th till August 15th.


VRIJDAGMARKT underground parking – costs apply
TICHELREI (before 19:00 max 3 hours) – costs apply